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The Crusty Canuck Podcast – A Canadian Veteran’s POV on Modern Issues


A Canadian Veteran’s point of view on Social, Economic Issues and Life.

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Tackling the bigger topics of the current Canadian and global landscape, The Crusty Canuck offers a refreshing twist of alternative media, in presenting regular rants and in-depth discussions of everything from Justin Trudeau to Queen Elizabeth. This includes False Hate Crime, Lack of Troop Support, Bud Light Controversy, Carbon Tax, and all that falls in between.

Guided by a faultless conversational flow and a confident tone to match, The Crusty Canuck Podcast’s host pours through the airwaves with the genuine sound of someone born to engage and entertain as a public speaker. The Canadian Veteran delivers with a fine balance of comedy and scathing reactions to mainstream news items and social and economic issues.

Most recently, Episode 220 features a ‘Tuesday Rant’ delving into ‘Global Boiling’ and the coverage of Jagmeet Singh being heckled. It’s as good a point as any to get into The Crusty Canuck, relaying the personality and pace of the podcast in a way that effectively underlines the style you can expect from previous episodes; and indeed anticipate from those yet to come.

Episodes have been running for several years now, work ethic meeting with the clear passion of the host to relay things in a truthful and fearlessly open fashion. Weave in the military background of both training and on-hand experience, and what you get is a regular stream of new episodes and an unrivaled level of leadership-style authenticity at the helm. These qualities combined have wracked up an impressive subscriber count in the tens of thousands, and a followership consistently intrigued by The Crusty Canuck’s perspective on all things currently shaking up the national landscape.

Self-described as a believer in liberty in freedom of speech, association, expression assembly and thought, The Crusty Canuck Podcast offers a no-holds-barred approach to modern issues of vast concern, from climate change to impending war, and balances these heavier topics with regular twists of satire, dialogue, and humour.

Enjoyable in its free-flowing personality and comedic edge, showcasing a host who’s unafraid to be real – unconcerned with any negative opinions or feedback – The Crusty Canuck Podcast is an ideal choice for those who’ve seen a little more of the real world, or who simply want to hear a less panicked or less manipulatively orchestrated version of current events.

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