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The Case Within – True Crime Audio Fiction Podcast


“True crime storytelling done responsibly.”

Introducing a gripping new full-cast audio fiction Podcast, a devoted spin-off of the naturally captivating and award-winning web series Clutch – The Case Within proceeds with the story of Nicole, a character first introduced in a 2013 episode of the show.

Based on true crime stories but fictionalized by way of character names and events, The Case Within is already eight episodes deep, each release promising a compelling sub-thirty-minute listen complete with intricate scenes, immersive cinematic audio design, and powerfully enthralling narration.

From the very first episode, we’re introduced to FBI new starter Nicole Baumer – our central protagonist, played by Jillian Clare – and throughout the series The Case Within maintains a concise yet emotionally engaging approach; which proves both harrowing and entertaining in its exploration of missing persons and the criminal underbelly of current times.

For episode two our story stretches back to a decade earlier, in order to develop a true understanding of the character Erin, and to relay the honest depth, complexity and impact of cases like these for everyone involved. Then in episode three, the interesting take of The Case Within on Nicole’s own character arc and evolution reaches an unexpected peak, as we delve into her own background and trauma by way of a transfixing, again harrowing and deeply disconcerting therapy session.

Created by Jonathan Robbins and Jillian Clare, The Case Within is not for the faint of heart, but for those with a fascination for true crime and quickly bewitching thrillers. The audio-fiction podcast employs a full-cast of professional actors to bring these intriguing and believable scenes to life in a boldly unsettling fashion. Things move fast enough to hold attention, but not so fast that the sense of presence and being grounded in the reality of the situation doesn’t entrance the listener. On the contrary, this is one of the most binge-worthy crime shows around right now, particularly in the audio fiction realm.

Intoxicating layers of mystery meet with a strong desire to uncover the truth and deliver justice – qualities that continue throughout descriptions of fake victim letters, errors made by detectives, haunting brutality, tumultuous revelations and frustrating cliffhangers alike.

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