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The Blueprint Of A Side Hustler – PODCAST


The Blueprint Of A Side Hustler is an independent Podcast that openly follows the host’s journey and climb to financial freedom. Rather than joining the majority of shows that start out at the point of success, The Blueprint Of A Side Hustler details the ongoing process – the host is currently 43 years young, and the aim is to reach the desired levels of success by 47.

Having been running since the turn of the new year, the Podcast is well and truly in full swing now – the host’s passion for escaping the rat race and the trap of living paycheck to paycheck has grown stronger over the months, and there’s clearly a whole lot of knowledge and experience that’s being acquired in the process.

A recent episode entitled Back In The Stock Market Game goes through the ups and downs of precisely what the title implies – as well as a little about Crypto Currency and other sub-genres relating to stocks.

The host’s immediately relatable and accessible leading voice comes through as quickly familiar if you’ve heard the show before. This realness and likability makes all the difference in bridging the gap between the average civilian and these concepts or business realms that otherwise seem almost impossible to crack. As someone who has delved deep into the topic and literally ventured back into the Stock Market Game, the host makes for the perfect introduction and helps outline the best tips and advice – as well as what not to do, in order to get ahead.

Short and snappy episodes get straight to the point, as well as helping you build a connection to and understanding of the host and where he’s at throughout the series. If you’re attempting to break free of corporate clutches and go your own way, Blueprint Of A Side Hustler will help make you feel less alone on that journey – as well as providing actionable advice that’s likely to get things moving along a little more effectively.

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