"If Liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - The Big Mig Show, PODCAST - Stereo Stickman

“If Liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” – The Big Mig Show, PODCAST


Taking things back to the bare essentials, a fast-growing podcast with an unrelenting desire to lay bare the truth, the depths of national and international issues – The Big Mig Show is a modern day podcast with a fearless commitment to facts.

Renowned across the podcast realm for their no-holds-barred relaying of global topical issues, The Big Mig Show has become synonymous with the idea of liberty and freedom of speech. The format is intense by design but ultimately laid-back in nature for the conversational flow of each hour-plus episode.

Consider the recent exploration of Information Warfare, built around a promise to bring listeners real evidence, proof, facts and information at a steady and unbiased rate.

Hosted by Lance Migliaccio and George Balloutine, there’s a strong sense of leadership and unity to the passion and research combined throughout The Big Mig Show. The guys have gone all in with their approach, image and idea, and as such, The Big Mig Media Co LLC also offers plenty of merch and additional content.

Born and raised in New York, Lance Migliaccio is an entrepreneur who attended CSU as a Political Science Major. He has traveled the world extensively, and currently resides in Denver, CO.

Education and on-hand experience is the backbone of The Big Mig’s approach to unwrapping topical, political and social issues on a regular basis. Since its inception, the podcast has gathered a strong and growing audience, and continues to lead with a knowledgeable yet also laid back, sometimes comical demeaner – an ice-breaker if nothing else – getting audiences locked in to both enjoy and learn from the news items discussed.

Co-host George Balloutine is a Patriot Truth Seeker with a conservative family background, currently living in New Jersey. Also noting extensive experience as an entrepreneur, George is a Psychology and Social science Major, and so brings a twist of alternative perspective to the globally relative discussions at hand.

From conservative Christian values throughout government failings, war, corruption, media and more, all by way of in depth discussions and often interviews with front-line pros in each topic, The Big Mig Show is a refreshingly nostalgic old-school radio-style podcast, with a defiant desire to keep things real and fearlessly honest as an outlet. Their goal is simple, to educate and unify the country one episode at a time.

Find The Big Mig Show on Podbean, Rumble, Twitter, Locals, Truth Social, LinkedIn (George / Lance) & their Website.

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