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The Best UK Festivals For 2024


The UK has long-since been a unique hotbed for music and cultural celebrations. In many ways, the grass roots festival realm was born and has remained unchanged here – the freedom and unity, the diversity of genre, the mud, mania and magic, the sheer escapism; all being something people continue to travel for miles and miles to experience.

As we approach 2024, many of the top UK festivals of summers past have already played their last song. Plenty remain, of course, but if you’re newly returning to the camping chaos, and are wondering which festivals are on in 2024, here’s our round-up of the most anticipated and highly-regarded Festivals confirmed for next year.

Glastonbury Festival

Arguably the crown jewel of UK and even global festivals, Glastonbury Festival returns in 2024, promising an awe-inspiring lineup and the iconic Pyramid Stage against the backdrop of Worthy Farm. With a reputation for hosting some of the world’s biggest acts across various genres, Glastonbury is more than a music festival – it’s a cultural phenomenon that transcends boundaries. Expect an unforgettable blend of music, arts, and a unique, free-spirited atmosphere.

Reading and Leeds Festivals

For the rock and indie enthusiasts, Reading and Leeds Festivals remain at the forefront of the UK music scene. Simultaneously held in two locations, these sister festivals offer a high-energy experience with headliners that cater to a wide range of musical tastes. From mosh pits to sing-alongs, Reading and Leeds create an electric atmosphere that keeps fans coming back year after year.

Latitude Festival

Nestled in the picturesque Henham Park in Suffolk, Latitude Festival is a multidimensional celebration of music, arts, literature, and comedy. Known for its family-friendly environment and diverse programming, Latitude appeals to a broad audience. Whether you’re there for the headlining bands, the thought-provoking literature events, or the laughter-inducing comedy shows, Latitude promises a well-rounded cultural experience.

Download Festival

Dedicated to the heavy end of the musical spectrum, Download Festival is a mecca for metal and rock fans. Taking place at Donington Park, the festival boasts a lineup that spans classic and contemporary rock, making it a haven for headbangers. With its iconic setting and commitment to the full spectrum of rock, Download Festival is a must-attend for those who crave thunderous riffs and energetic performances.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Moving away from the music-centric festivals, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a global celebration of the performing arts. As the world’s largest arts festival, it transforms the Scottish capital into a vibrant hub of creativity. From theater performances to street art and stand-up comedy, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe offers an eclectic and immersive experience that attracts performers and audiences from around the world.


Electronic music enthusiasts can find their haven at Creamfields, one of the premier dance music festivals in the UK. Set against the scenic backdrop of Daresbury, Cheshire, Creamfields consistently delivers a lineup of top-tier DJs and electronic acts. The festival’s commitment to cutting-edge production and stage design ensures a visually stunning and sonically immersive experience for attendees.

Green Man Festival

For those seeking a more intimate and folk-infused experience, Green Man Festival in the Brecon Beacons is the perfect choice. Surrounded by the beauty of the Welsh countryside, Green Man offers a lineup that combines indie, folk, and alternative music. The festival’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices adds an extra layer of appeal for environmentally conscious festival-goers.

Boomtown Fair

Embracing a narrative-driven approach, Boomtown Fair is not just a festival; it’s an immersive theatrical experience. Set in the Matterley Estate in Winchester, Boomtown combines a diverse musical lineup with elaborate stage designs and a fictional city that evolves each year. Attendees become part of the story, making Boomtown Fair a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Wireless Festival

For urban music lovers, Wireless Festival in London is a hotspot for the best in hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music. With its central location in Finsbury Park, Wireless attracts top-tier artists, making it a must-attend for fans of contemporary urban music. The festival’s vibrant atmosphere and city setting add an extra layer of excitement to the musical performances.

Isle of Wight Festival

Closing our list is the Isle of Wight Festival, a historic event that has been a staple of the UK festival scene since the ’60s. With a storied history that includes legendary performances from Jimi Hendrix and The Who, the Isle of Wight Festival continues to draw crowds with its diverse lineup and scenic location on the Isle of Wight. It’s a timeless celebration that bridges the gap between generations of music lovers.

In Conclusion…

The UK festival scene in 2024 promises an array of experiences that cater to every taste and preference. From the iconic Glastonbury to the immersive world of Boomtown Fair, each festival on this list offers a unique blend of music, culture, and community spirit. As the countdown to the festival season begins, mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the best the UK has to offer in 2024.

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