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The Best of La Paz Blast Music Festival: Valeria Peñaranda & her band Amalgama Shine”


In the heart of Bolivia, at Teatro Nuna Espacio Arte, the “La Paz Blast Music Festival” delivered a memorable night on December 20th, 2017, largely thanks to Valeria Peñaranda and her band, Amalgama. This event marked a milestone for Bolivian contemporary music, showcasing not only Valeria’s exceptional vocals but also highlighting the collective brilliance of her band. The festival also featured national talents such as Mayra Gonzalez, Suyana, and the Jackets Jazz Project, adding to the evening’s vibrant and diverse musical offerings.

Valeria, a leading figure in the Bolivian music scene, demonstrated her diverse skills as the main producer of the festival, seamlessly blending her roles as a singer, composer, and band director. This wasn’t just a concert; it was a deep dive into the soul of Bolivian music, guided by Valeria and her band, which delivered performances brimming with energy and passion.

Her achievements, such as winning the band competition at Festiblues Bolivia 2017, opening the country’s most important blues festival, and selling out all of Amalgama’s concerts at Teatro Nuna, speak volumes about her impact and dedication.

The “La Paz Blast Music Festival” highlighted the city’s diverse music scene, with Valeria Peñaranda at the forefront. Amalgama, the standout band of the festival, captivated the audience with their energetic pop-funk performances, fresh interpretations, and remarkable musicians.

The festival also featured the beautiful R&B songs of Mayra Gonzalez, whose melodic voice and heartfelt lyrics resonated with the crowd. Suyana brought a unique flavor to the stage with their reggae grooves, infusing the air with infectious rhythms and positive vibes. The Jackets Jazz Project impressed with their virtuosic jazz performances, demonstrating exceptional skill and musicianship. These artists represented the impressive diversity of the musical innovations present in Bolivia today.

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