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The Autographers Anonymous Podcast – Autograph Collecting


A Podcast about Autograph Collecting with everything from TTM, IP, and the Trading Card Collecting World!

Living quite precisely up to its name, The Autographers Anonymous Podcast digs deep into exactly what the title promises. Autograph collectors or fans of celebrity lifestyle and famous names in general will likely feel right at home here, but even for such a niche topic the episodes are decidedly interesting and touch base on a concept that’s actually quite vast – spanning across sports names to actors, musicians, trading cards, and beyond.

The second intro voice sounds a little like Seth Rogan, the intro music helps further kick up a sense of fun, then things get all the more animated and enjoyable as they progress. The hosts take a fairly nonchalant approach to presenting, chatting as if purely with friends, welcoming the listener but still holding nothing back. They delve into the collection process in detail, talking through an array of recognisable names, and some a little less so – depending where you are in the world. More than this though, the show essentially feels like an enthusiastic catch up with those who share a certain appreciation or state of mind. There’s a likable dynamic thanks to the varied personalities, and the natural flow of the conversation makes it an easy one to let run as you go about your day.

A recent episode mentions pop stars, rock stars, Olympians, pitchers, and much more. The act of collecting is evidently about seeking out and contacting those with autographs or cards that you’re missing or desire, and so the stories behind the process and indeed the subsequent state of many of the autographs, is what helps give the show entertainment value. Undeniably one of a kind right now, an interesting show to listen in on.

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