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Teamistry, by Atlassian (PODCAST)


What do photographing a black hole, harnessing electric light, and containing a nuclear meltdown have in common? Teamwork.

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Perhaps the first of its kind in this particular conceptual niche, Teamistry is a podcast that leaves the playing field entirely open in terms of the subject matter and stories they can explore within a single episode. The idea is to celebrate human achievements, and look at the team efforts and unity that were essential in getting us there.

Though still in its early days, Teamistry already has an enjoyably professional, well-researched and quickly captivating set-up. The style is reminiscent of the legendary Radiolab, but the stories focus in on perhaps the lesser talked about aspects of historical events.

A recent episode entitled The Team That Fashioned Apollo 11 makes for a fine starting point if you’re new to the show. It tells the story of the making of Apollo 11 in an insightful, eye-opening and compelling way. The episode talks about how it was essential to bring together different kinds of people from within NASA – various backgrounds and abilities, a broad range of understandings and perspectives. It refers to Multi Part Harmony, and goes on to detail how this was one of the most challenging yet rewarding instances of teaming up a multitude of different people – varying in age, race, sex, skill. The result, ultimately, was the phenomenal achievement in which a man first stepped on the moon.

Some of the facts highlighted throughout the episode are fascinating, and furthermore – the whole thing is presented in a way that makes sure these facts stay with you. This is thanks to concise and calm yet confident deliveries, and, as mentioned, a brilliantly well researched set-up that allows only the most relevant, informative statements through to the airwaves.

Other episodes so far have talked Fukushima, The Car That Saved Ford, Photographing a Black Hole, and Sir Earnest Shackleton. Whether its science, tech or architecture, and in fact a plethora of topics in between, Teamistry will lay bare the building blocks in a way that showcases how truly important collaboration and cooperation are in shaping the future.

No great achievement for the human race came about by the hands of just one person. Enter Teamistry, to explore precisely this.

Check out all episodes via the Atlassian Website or Apple. For Bonus Content check out the show’s Extras.

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