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Talk About It with Keys & Lans (PODCAST)


Two young billionaires have the fate of their country on their shoulders as they tackle topics like drugs, sex, religion, Donald Trump, Kim’s sex-tape success, Junkanoo, Culture (not Cardi’s baby) & so much more! Let’s Talk About It!

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Showcasing an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, with no topic whatsoever out of reach, Keys and Lans host the freely meandering, humor-soaked topical indie podcast that is Talk About It, and the duo hold nothing back throughout.

Though very much in its early days, the podcast delivers a certain dynamic, a pair of personalities that simultaneously contrast and unite with one another in a unique way. There’s a raw finish to the audio quality on occasion, and there often seems to be a fairly nonchalant, unplanned structure to many of the episodes, but as you grow to familiarize yourself with each character, the set-up makes more sense, and perhaps a solid arrangement of segments will come as the show continues to develop and find its feet.

What’s interesting about this podcast is that while the tag clearly marks the show as comedy, there is often, and quite suddenly, an influx of serious topics. The very phrase Talk About It can bring a plethora of connotations, not least of all that which implores people to talk more, through the bad times as well as the fun. This use of contrast between the heavy and the light is something that shines brightly within Keys and Lans’ discussions, and over time it’s likely to be the thing that helps their podcast stand out.

From lighthearted tidbits to intense, compelling story-telling, the podcast leads with unquestionable realness, both in terms of the stories the hosts tell, and their undeniably open, authentic way with conversation. A slow start is more than overcompensated for by genuine humanity in each and every case. You get a strong sense that this would be precisely the way the chat would go whether you were listening or not, which is a refreshing quality.

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