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Synth Harmony with Don Slepian – Electronic Keyboards Podcast


Long-time musician and composer Don Slepian – composer of the renowned ambient electronica work Sea of Bliss – hosts the uniquely creative experience that is Synth Harmony.

Offering both playlists and visual accompaniments, the show focuses in on the solo playing of complex, artistic arrangements, and proves uniquely immersive and inspiring – particularly for fellow pianists and musicians.

The short episodes each feature a single composition, which freely blends elements of New Age, Jazz, Ambient Electronic and Classical music in a decidedly technical, captivating and impressive fashion.

An aptly titled show, Synth Harmony offers precisely what its name implies, and whether you take to the video version or simply the audio playlists, the music leads with a superb level of originality and authenticity that’s easy to appreciate.

The video edition is specifically designed for keyboard players as it focuses in on the keys and offers good visuals and music for home theater fans. You can see the piece being created in real time, and for the avid players, this is the kind of fascinating, even motivational content that pushes you to delve into your own playing a little more intensely.

For those who simply want to listen to the music, the audio version of the show makes for an easy go-to. The aim is to inspire other musicians and music fans to explore new music and get more adventurous with their own creativity. Classic and electronic fans alike will no doubt find something of worth in these recordings.

Check out the sessions via iTunes or Podbean. Support Synth Harmony on Patreon for bonus features.

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