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Stubborn Riot – Huf and Laboy (PODCAST)


Stubborn Riot – an edgy podcast with two friends currently serving, looking to recruit more members for our Stubborn Mob!

Covering everything from spots to rap and current events, Laboy and Huf host the fast-rising Podcast that is Stubborn Riot – a show designed to lead with conversations that dig deep but in a welcoming, laid-back and entertaining manner.

Being that the hosts are clearly friends first, serving together and of similar mindsets, they maintain a level of fun within their discussions, and yet alongside of that they make sure to keep things just professional and intentional enough to hold a stranger’s interest; resulting in something genuine, authentic, honest, and increasingly enjoyable to listen to.

As far as podcast acquaintances go, Huf and Laboy are a joy to be around, their openness as individuals is immediately endearing and appealing for its realness. A recent episode entitled Stubborn Heart makes for a fine example. Tackling the topic of heart issues and health difficulties directly, yet in a humorous and calming way, the duo offer a laid-back and comforting look at life and the struggles and forks in the road that ultimately confront most of us somewhere along the way.

Always talking from the heart, leading with honest and often hilarious stories, their reactions to each other are as much a part of the show’s appeal as the segments themselves. In amidst every discussion, you’ll tend to find some real hidden gems that are all at once outrageous and pure, and all of this helps give Stubborn Riot a real thread of character and identity.

“I’m gonna be proactive, but just in case – I gotta get that will right.”

Far from all doom and gloom, Stubborn Riot Podcast is going strong for its unpredictability and variety alike – episodes to date have covered a vast range of topics that appeal for their cultural relevance as much as for the simple and likable way in which the hosts address them.

An easy sense of community or background activity to have play as you go about your daily activities. Well worth a listen for the intention and authenticity, if nothing else. Audio escapism for the hard-workers who need a little respite.

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