Stickman Sessions: Listening Booth 01 - Stereo Stickman

Stickman Sessions: Listening Booth 01


Rebecca Cullen hosts the third episode of Stickman Sessions, first in the series for the Listening Booth РFeaturing a playlist of artists discovered through

This weeks playlist:

Intro: Bluetripper – Dancing In The Jam

1. Cranford Hollow – And You, Brutus?
2. Drive On Mak – Babylon
3. Neonomora – Be Still, My Soul
4. Rugby Road – Spoken For
5. Woochia – Train
6. Hodera – North Dakota
7. LAPP – Sunny
8. Kid Mud – Guidelines For Style
9. Ben Brookes – Integration (Not Segregation)
10. Andrew James – Something Going On


Stereo Stickman


Stereo Stickman is an online music magazine offering the latest in underground music news, as well as a platform through which unsigned artists can reach a wider audience.

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