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“The reality is you’re going to fail more than you’re going to succeed. And the goal of a good baseball player and a good entrepreneur, when dealing with things like rejection or failure, is to recognize that it isn’t the end point. It’s just another data point.” – Justin Real.

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Ande Lyons hosts the Startup-focused, inspiring and empowering podcast Startup Life Show. Episodes feature various guests and topics that welcome entrepreneurs and hard-workers from all fields to listen and take on actionable advice, as well as stories that remind us of the real-life journeys those before us have gone through.

A recent episode welcomed Baseball’s Justin Real to detail his experiences through struggle to success. Justin’s openness is refreshing and presents a detailed story-line, as well as a sense of possibility and authenticity that’s genuinely uplifting regardless of what field you’re working towards. Part of this is due to the host’s inquisitive and thoughtful questioning process, and the laid-back, comforting nature of the conversation in general.

Startup Life Show offers a string of memorable quotes and thoughts regarding progression and development, but it also offers a plethora of advice relating to the intricacies of business and literally building things up from scratch; from nothing.

Listen to “Baseball and Startup Life: Failure Isn't the End Point” on Spreaker.

Another impressive episode is What Every Startup Founder Needs to Know About PR. Marketing / PR expert and speaker Robin Samora talks all things brand building, online and offline, as well as how to attract new clients, make lasting customer connections, bag media exposure and, ultimately, increase your sales.

Getting straight into the details, how things have changed over time, and how things currently are, Robin’s story and her level of experience are second to none. This proves to be a truly beneficial and memorable conversation that’s absolutely invaluable if you’re looking to take your business to the next level.

Designed to get you started on a strong foot, and to keep you involved in the scene and all the best tips and ideas when building your brand, Startup Life Show is already 60 episodes deep, so there’s plenty to get stuck into – and more than a few gems to stumble upon throughout the show’s catalogue to date.

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Listen to “What Every Startup Founder Needs to Know About PR” on Spreaker.

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