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Sports Radio Recap w/ Alex Monaco (PODCAST)


Sports Broadcaster and Comedian Alex Monaco hosts Sports Radio Recap – with unwavering passion and a voice that was born to do this. The podcast covers all the latest headlines from the best of the world’s debate shows, podcasts and sports websites.

Already 24 episodes deep, the podcast plays out with authenticity and professionalism alike. Alex does his research, but he also clearly lives this lifestyle and throws himself directly into the action as much as possible.

Featuring a plethora of interviews and guests from professional athletes to comedians and TV personalities, Sports Radio Recap tackles its niche head-on, and proves an easy, engaging and entertaining top-up for all your sports-related events and news items from the past week.

Carlos Dunlop features on a recent episode, offering a brief yet entertaining and interesting conversation, which brings genuine insight thanks to Alex’s uniquely revealing questions and his notably welcoming, friendly demeanor when putting guests at ease.

Elsewhere episodes take on everything from the NBA to the NFL Draft and The Super Bowl. Alex makes sure to bring you all of the latest, and to keep the pace fast yet accessible – not loaded with filler, but focused and on topic right the way through.

An exciting listen, an easy-must for sports fans – particularly those missing the live-action of the sports world during the current lock-downs.

Check out all episodes via iTunes. Visit the show’s Website for more information.

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