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SOUNDWOOFER – Uniting Musicians with Thousands of Free Impulse Responses


As you likely know, we’re always on the lookout for startups and projects that showcase good intentions and contemporary problem solving alike when it comes to music.

For the guitarists out there, Impulse Responses can be an invaluable tool for recreating the guitar amp speaker sound. For singers, the mic or room sound can also be rebuilt on the spot.

Impulses Responses essentially take a digital snapshot of the speaker-cabinet at that moment in time. When recording or producing, this can ultimately help make it close to impossible to tell the difference between the original amp sound and an emulation.

SOUNDWOOFER is a project offering thousands of Impulse Responses available to download absolutely free of charge.

With an increasing number of Impulse Responses already available in their library, SOUNDWOOFER’s ultimate aim is to bring together musicians from across the globe to contribute to the collection and indeed help each other out collectively in building a better sound.

With no strings attached, this is undoubtedly an option worth exploring for those who want to capture authenticity and realness with their music.

If you’re unsure how all of this works – find out how to use Impulse Responses, and find & follow SOUNDWOOFER on Facebook & Instagram.

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