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Sorry, I’m From Boston (PODCAST)


This brand new weekly podcast is one with an admittedly clear niche, likely to appeal to those from Boston or at least somewhat familiar with the Boston ways. However, having jumped straight into episode four, the hosts genuinely cover a broad range of topics, providing roughly thirty minutes of easy-going escapism, which, for the most part, digs right into the ups and downs of daily life for contemporary westerners.

Their latest episode talks hair loss – the plight of those who suffer from genetic baldness, the feelings associated with the start of that change. It’s a chilled-out chat between friends, not particularly catered towards an audience but welcoming, inclusive, and genuine for being so honest and upfront. The hosts’ back and forth creates a natural dynamic, with insightful questions posed and a subsequent willingness to open up, regardless of how personal or unexpected things may go.

In stark contrast, the prior episode talks of the hosts being set on creating a children’s animation series for young black boys. It’s an admirable ambition, with big intentions and a worthy, respectable awareness of what’s missing and what certain groups would benefit from or appreciate. Here we find out that one of the hosts is a film-maker and producer, so there’s experience, skill, and knowledge at the heart of the entire show and all of its associated projects.

The tone is immediately different, somewhat more mellow, quiet, deeply thoughtful. Again, this level of authenticity is rare, and this is one of the main reasons that Sorry, I’m from Boston could well go on to become one of the most uniquely human indie podcasts around.

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