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Simply Complicated, PODCAST


Available anywhere and everywhere podcasts can be, Simply Complicated is an unapologetically loud, energetic and unwaveringly genuine podcast that digs deep into the world’s issues and currently trending topics.

Coming in at well over an hour per episode, the brothers who host the show refuse to adhere to any rules or standards set or implied elsewhere, and instead follow the natural flow of their own back-and-forth in a manner that seems as if it would be taking place whether you were listening or not.

Apart from the occasional outburst of “Ladies and Gentlemen..”, and the occasional guest, this is a fun and unedited look at real life conversations as per MCZX, Reezu, and Dark Vodka/MT Edward’s unique views of the world.

At 51 episodes deep, there’s plenty to catch up on and binge through. The guys have absolutely found their flow by this point, and their authenticity is something that allows each episode to really stand tall in its own right – for the personality, the chemistry, and the sheer arbitrary nature of the conversations.

From music to love, media and life itself, through anime, politics, and everything that falls in between, there’s no telling in which direction a single episode will head, but in every case you can trust in the stark contrast between personalities and viewpoints to keep the dynamic strong and the conversation moving. It’s pretty easy to pinpoint the three host’s voices and characters even after a single listen, and this connection only grows stronger throughout the season.

Simple issues made unnecessarily complicated in a free-flowing, refreshing and often hilarious manner. Let it play as you go about your day – expect to take things a little less seriously in the process.

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