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Simple Health Radio with Dr. Emran – PODCAST


Simple Health Radio is a podcast hosted by Dr. Emran – an ER doctor who has treated thousands of patients across the US. On the show, Dr. Emran discusses a multitude of diseases, medications, and treatments, in a simplified way that is easy to understand.

The show deals with different health-related topics and conditions on each episode, and does so in depth. Each episode is clearly labelled so that listeners can seek out the information they need, which could, in turn, save a life. At the same time, for those with a personal interest in human health and medicine, the show offers easily accessible insight that is consistently interesting and empowering to listen to.

A recent episode dealing with heart murmurs was extremely informative and explained everything from the symptoms to diagnosis to treatment in a simplified and notably clear way. It’s refreshing to learn about these topics in a manner that is not over-loaded with unfamiliar jargon – the likes of which can often make health issues seem a lot scarier than they need to. Dr. Emran has a particularly calming and genuine leading voice as he presents the episodes, so you get both that professional, trustworthy element, as well as something that seeks to relate and connect; rather than to overwhelm.

The episodes can be found by searching for Simple Health Radio with Dr. Emran online, or via the link below. Each show is fairly short and concise, offering no filler or wasted points, giving you the precise details to broaden your understanding of the topics at hand. This is a total recommend for everyone – health issues affect all of us, and the more we understand, the more capable we are of looking after ourselves and each other.

Check out all episodes via iTunes. Visit the Simple Health Radio Website for more information.

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