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Serial Napper – A True Crime PODCAST


Canada’s Nikki Young hosts this true crime podcast, recording from Tokyo and delivering only the most unusual and spooky true stories to have graced our world in recent times.

Though very much in its early days, Serial Napper showcases a clearly impressive level of research and story-telling. Nikki stocks up on the facts, and delivers these in manner that’s captivating, genuinely interested and involved, and which legitimately manages to hold your attention right through to the end – a rare and commendable quality.

A recent episode, entitled Gretchen Anthony – the Covid-19 Murder – is a particularly recent and raw story, which unsettles more and more so as it progresses, and which proves a little too close to home on many occasions. This twenty minute episode is a fine example of the well-crafted escapism that Nikki presents with the show.

In addition, some episodes come complete with a YouTube clip, perhaps a hint of where things will go in the future – all of which further points in the direction of a genuine fascination with true-crime, and a willingness to fully research and develop an episode to make it as uniquely engaging as possible.

Other episodes so far range from twenty to forty minutes, always digging deep in a similar manner, quoting the details exactly as they were reported. While the set-up is minimalist, not dramatized in any way at all, this is actually incredibly refreshing. These stories don’t need anything flashy or any filler to make them grab attention. Serial Napper stands tall on the back of host’s own dedication and delivery, and that makes all the difference.

Absolutely worth listening to if you’re a true crime or unsolved mystery fan – or simply someone looking for a different kind of hit of escapism.

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