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SEO is Dead and Other Lies – PODCAST


The world of SEO and digital marketing has taken over for most if not all business platforms and marketplaces over the past decade or so. It’s a complex yet crucial arena to get involved with and understand, but fortunately – there is help out there.

Having sifted through much of the noise, we can confirm that SEO is Dead and Other Lies is absolutely one of the best audio resources available for those who want to get a better grasp of anything and everything SEO and digital marketing based.

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein are here to put a welcoming and accessible spin on everything you need to know in order to excel with your online business. Their conversational format introduces a genuine and knowledgeable approach, showcasing both hosts as experts in their fields, but also leading with quickly likable personalities and a certain accessible normality that helps the information sink in a little more naturally.

Where many of these types of courses or podcasts come from a higher perspective – someone who is not only way ahead of you, but acts like it – SEO is Dead and Other Lies comes from a much more friendly, approachable and somewhat simplified angle; making this an easy choice for smaller businesses or new-starters in particular.

A recent episode digs deep into Schema – what it can be used for, how to use it, when it works, when it doesn’t. The chat makes for an easy one to let play as you go about your business, and meanwhile – these numerous tidbits and actionable points of advice make their way into your consciousness. By all means, have a notepad open as you listen – there are plenty of gems that crop up throughout the discussion that are likely to prove helpful and beneficial for your business as you push towards a higher level of success.

Absolutely a worthy choice, a stand-out podcast in this field at present – the hosts make it all seem more than within reach, as well as a lot more interesting and even fun than general discussions of the topic can often imply. Undoubtedly a smart choice if you’re looking for an educational and enjoyable podcast to accompany your work day.

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