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Samplified – Royalty Free Sample Packs


As the music world continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, you really need to keep ahead as a musician or producer – or at least be able to keep up.

Everything can be done from home these days, and for this reason so much more music is capturing the world’s attention. In order to build something fully creative, experimental and fresh, professional and interesting but also in keeping with the mood and ideas of the moment you wish to represent – extensive, varied sample packs can be a pretty essential item these days. For those who are just starting out in music production, being able to build something from nothing is a craft you need to work on – sample packs can really help you get a foot in the door in that respect.

Samplified are a company who focus on pushing the boundaries of sound. They offer no-filler sample pack content alongside of unique music tutorials. Their very existence as a company was put in action by two music entrepreneurs with over 20 years of combined experience in the industry. They’re musicians and music lovers, first and foremost, so they come at this from a place of authenticity and passion. Their aim is to assist music producers in improving their music sample library, their mixes, and their production techniques. Enter Samplified.

You can listen through some of their samples via the Soundcloud link below. Whatever your genre or stylistic intention, you’re likely to find something that connects or is of use. From acoustic snippets to electronic synths and beats, everything is here for the taking, and everything is of an essentially high quality – crisp, clean, and ready to go. Some recently released packs include Acoustic Guitar Loops, Rhodes and E-Videos. They’ve also released some premium quality super packs – such as Poetica, with Soulection artist J. Robb, and a cool drum kit, Lo-fi & Chill, with rising artist “quickly, quickly”.

As a fairly new endeavor, Samplifed plans to continue to bring their community different genres and create tutorials to assist in the various different aspects of music production. Their products are highly recommended and extremely well-priced. Absolutely worth a run through if you’re keen on building your skills and making music that stands tall.

Visit the Samplifed Website to download your first sample pack or for more information. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to stay updated.

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