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Relatable Situations (PODCAST)


We’re more alike than we realize!

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For what appears on the surface to be a show designed to dig into the emotional and unavoidable aspects of life, Relatable Situations is a surprisingly laid-back, likable new podcast – one that leads with a clear love for the process, and proves genuinely uplifting and a pleasure to listen in on.

The hosts of the show deliver with a genuine chemistry between one another, and it’s this above all else that introduces things in an inviting and authentic manner. That tag line is crucial – we are all more alike than we realise. By listening to these conversations – topics from being yourself to saying goodbye, relationship advice to coming out of the closet – and witnessing the free-flowing manner in which the hosts address each other, you can find a certain level of comfort and insight that’s well worth experiencing.

Though there’s a definite depth to many of the subjects covered on the show, the hosts present a mildly nonchalant approach to begin with – they use natural humor and a welcoming aura to kick things into gear. And then, only then, they begin to really open up and present personal stories and experiences and advice; all of which connects that little bit more thanks to their being so willing to joke around and be entirely themselves on the air.

Real people, real stories, real experiences, real relationships – all of this comes to light on Relatable Situations. Though still in its early days, there’s plenty of content to dive into and good times to be had. Sit back and relax for a while as the team talk away your troubles for you.

Check out all episodes via iTunes or Stitcher, TuneIn, iheartradio, Alexa App or visit their Website for more information.

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