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Ramones-Esque Album: Musicians Unite For Affordable Narcan


Holy Crap Records and Musicians for Overdose Prevention introduce a forty-seven track compilation album devoted to raising funds towards the life-saving cause #NOPROFITFORNARCAN.

Released on March 4th, the album Ramonesesque features a vast collection of punk-soaked, Ramones-inspired tracks, by a plethora of committed indie bands and artists.

The aim is to draw focus to the overdose epidemic of America, and to raise awareness about the overpriced cost of lifesaving Narcan.

* * *

“Overdose deaths in North Carolina are at an all-time high. Naloxone is highly effective at stopping heroin, fentanyl, and other opioid overdoses. The nonprofit price for a two-pack of Narcan is $75. That’s too expensive for most musicians.

At that price, small nonprofits like Musicians for Overdose Prevention simply cannot afford to buy enough Narcan for those who need it throughout the music community. 

Without naloxone, people will continue to die from preventable overdoses.”

* * *

All proceeds from the collection directly support Musicians for Overdose Prevention. Download the album and donate via Bandcamp.

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