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Rainbows Are Circles: Waking Up to Wonder! (PODCAST)


Delving into the podcast world with a clear passion for celebrating the magic of life itself, Rainbows Are Circles is a show that invites listeners to open their minds to the wonder and possibility of life.

From spirituality to alternative health, personal development, astrology and even energy healing, Rainbows Are Circles discusses a range of topics in a welcoming, enthusiastic manner, making sure to hold close to an inherent sense of possibility every step of the way.

A recent episode entitled The Power Of Play! welcomed guest Jeff Harry on board to talk about the importance of having a play mindset and finding what puts you into a “flow state.” He discusses how many adults are extremely play deprived and results-oriented. He believes that life is much more fulfilling if we learn to play more and connect with the activities that we loved as children. His conversation style is laid-back and genuine as he tells his story in a relatable way, from youth to building a career focused on teaching adults to “rediscover their play.” He offers useful tools that listeners can implement immediately to help them connect with their inner child in order to discover the activities that make them “come alive.”

The host and indeed the guests on the show operate with a strong sense of curiosity. Much of the Podcast is based on direct personal experiences and stories, rather than science, and encourages the listener to approach the episodes with openness and a willingness to try new things. There’s plenty on display that will help you connect with the wonder and magic of life. The podcast proves to be optimistic, calming, joyful and indeed, inspirational.

From defining ‘play’ to exploring energy healing, self-acceptance & human potential, there’s a certain depth to Rainbows are Circles that is a pleasure to listen in on.

* * *

I invite you to join me on this journey of personal development and life exploration. Let’s push our boundaries, challenge the status quo, and wake up to wonder… together!

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