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Queens Discussion (PODCAST)


Still in its early days but undoubtedly having found its flow as a topical chat podcast, Queens Discussion sees the hosting duo dig deep into all that’s been hitting the online world in recent weeks.

From celebrity culture to global news stories, the Kardashians to Coronavirus, no topic is out of reach, and the Queens bring endless opinions and confidence to the stage in a manner that makes the whole thing feel like a genuine indie talk-show.

The format is simple, a back and forth between the hosts, with questions posed to each other and the audience. The style makes for an inclusive and provocative listen, and with such a broad range of subject matters, you never quite know what any given week is likely to bring.

Blending comedy and laid-back chat on the more serious issues at hand, Queens Discussion works with a natural energy to offer listeners the weekly escapism and gossip fix they desire.

Check out all episodes via Anchor. To submit topics for discussion, contact the hosts on Instagram.

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