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Our Goal at The Prepping Academy Radio Show is to expand your thinking & motivate you to take action – because it’s time that we get prepared.

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Uniquely valuable, with a fast-growing audience and presence across the globe, Prepping Academy is an independent Podcast aimed at discussing all things preparation based – survival, self-reliance, the ability to sustain a certain existence or way of life.

The target audience is admittedly vague, as are the conversation starters, which means it’s actually quite easy to relate each episode to your own state of mind or the issues that concern you. Whatever survival and preparation mean to you – whether apocalypse movies have warped your view of the future, or the current state of your government and society has left you craving an off-grid life – this podcast talks it out in an open and surprisingly genuine, human way.

While something of a slow starter, this is definitely a show worth getting into. At its core, Prepping Academy offers guided courses that help elevate listeners from unprepared to, ultimately, entirely ready to be self-reliant, self-sufficient, and far from dependent on any government or grid.

A recent episode entitled Survival Groups digs into the concept of precisely that – being part of a team or a group of trained, skilled individuals, and the power of this in progression and, of course, survival. While the subject is vast, the host and his guest tackle it in a notably laid-back, colloquial fashion, balancing fact and feeling in a genuine, non-intrusive fashion. The conversation is quiet, mellow, yet the questions that come up weave well throughout the various topics; ultimately leading to personal insight, and a sense of realism that’s otherwise only really found in conversations with friends.

Prepping Academy holds nothing back, shows no signs of anything fake or forced, the whole thing just is what it is. From training to adapting to meet-ups, building strengths in any unique situation, Prepping Academy sets out to make certain you’re ready for whatever the future may hold.

Check out all episodes via Apple. Join the Prepping Academy Group on Facebook or visit their Website.

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