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Pray For The Wicked (PODCAST)


Kelly B hosts the brand new True Crime Podcast Pray For The Wicked. Digging deep into the stories that reveal the most morally corrupt and emotionally warped individuals, episodes tackle a plethora of somewhat untold real-life events that are certain to hold your attention and leave you feeling notably unsettled.

A recent episode looks into the report details and facts regarding the brutal murder of an innocent woman by New Orleans couple Terry Speaks and Margaret Sanchez.

Kelly’s approach to these episodes is to fully research each case, and relay the information in a calm manner, amidst a subtle audio wash that just slightly increases the eerie and gripping air of each story.

What’s interesting is that the host is not completely detached from the subject manner as is more commonly the case in the True Crime format. Every once in a while, her opinion strikes with relatable humanity, and this effectively helps create a more realistic and engaging podcast that’s likely to bring listeners back time and time again.

Though still in its early days, there are twelve episodes already uploaded, each one promising an unnerving yet captivating real-life story that further reveals the true darkness that exists just beneath the radar in our contemporary world.

Check out all episodes via Apple. Join the Pray For The Wicked Facebook Group to stay involved & updated.

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