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Pops On Pop Culture (PODCAST)


Taking pop culture by the horns and diving into the podcast world with a fine balance between professionalism and a genuine enthusiasm for conversation, Pops On Pop Culture is a quickly likable and easy to get into show; one that addresses the latest entertainment topics in a light-hearted and honest fashion.

Dad-duo Brian and John broadcast weekly, talking everything from comic book obsession to movies, plus the broader entertainment matters that fall under all that is pop culture.

Already into its 40th episode, Pops On Pop Culture has undoubtedly found its groove within the pop culture space. For the many with an avid interest in (or addiction to) contemporary entertainment, their colloquial style proves notably accessible and even calming as it pours through with a natural air of humanity and a clear love for the arts.

Episode 40 – Take You Under My Nightwing – makes for a fine starting point (though there’s also plenty that you already need to catch up on before this). The world of Marvel is far from a niche topic these days, and it’s a pleasure, as a fan, to listen to a pair of hosts who are clearly fans first themselves. They talk in depth about the latest releases and the changes that have been made within the franchise, among other things.

At well over an hour per episode, the show takes a laid-back approach to discussion, permitting the hosts time within which to open up and present their own personalities in an authentic and again likable manner. The further you let the show play, the stronger that bond becomes, that understanding, and soon enough it simply makes sense to check in with your new found friends on everything that’s happening in pop culture each week.

An easy must – a refreshingly quiet alternative to the noisier mainstream news channels and podcasts. The dad angle is brilliantly unique right now, and it works well.

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