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PkmnMstrz: A Pokémon GO Podcast


Leading with a clear passion for play, alongside an undeniable willingness to be entirely themselves on air, the hosts of PkmnMstrz dig deep into all the latest news items and game-play updates from the renowned Pokemon GO – and they do so in a quickly entertaining, notably authentic manner, from start to finish.

Boasting from the offset that logic and adultiness don’t always apply, the hosts record from home and are currently 43 episodes into this uniquely focused topic, and have clearly long-since found their flow with things.

A recent episode and a fine place to begin your binge is 6ft of Separation. The discussion delves into game-play directly, in a way that feels like a bunch of friends genuinely just talking – and arguing – about various issues relating to play.

The weight the hosts give the topic is particularly engaging, their passion for and frustration regarding play stands tall in a way that really can’t be faked, so for the hardcore Pokemon GO fans out there – you’re almost certain to find more than a few elements to relate to in these episodes.

Given that many of us are perhaps spending way more time lost in the gaming worlds than in previous years, there’s never been a better time to fully commit to something you love. PkmMsterz not only showcases this kind of dedication, but welcomes others who share in that to listen in and finally feel involved in something that they fully and unequivocally get.

As augmented reality continues to sweep the globe, things can only get better, and this podcast will likely be right there when it does.

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