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Physical Attraction (PODCAST)


The UK’s own Thomas Hornigold hosts this uniquely exploratory, well-researched deep-dive into physics.

The aptly titled Physical Attraction is close to 100 episodes deep, and Thomas has categorically found his flow with things, showcasing both a clearly knowledgeable background and a likable, confident personality when delivering.

In recent months, the global pandemic has of course been the topic of discussion for a fair few episodes. There’s talk of the new Coronavirus and its potential vaccines, and before this you can find a plethora of topics from technology to architecture, nuclear fusion, AI, free energy scams, and a whole lot more.

Thomas’s manner of summarizing the latest news in science and connecting this with his own well-informed understanding of how things work makes for an easy listen. The show is welcoming, accessible, intelligently crafted yet not excessively niche-driven in terms of the language and references. Anyone with a deeper interest in these topics, in the science behind things, will undoubtedly get something out of these 20 to 60 minute sessions.

If you were ready to let the news play out in the background to your day regardless, Physical Attraction makes for a quieter, perhaps more human and honest resource designed to broadening your awareness and comprehension of complicated issues.

It’s refreshing to know that experts are able to put their time and insight into podcast and video formats so freely these days. And as mentioned, at close to 100 episodes in, this is clearly something Physical Attraction is thoroughly focused on. Well worth subscribing to.

Check out all episodes via Apple. Find & follow Physical Attraction on Twitter or visit the show’s Website.

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