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Pelham Place, with Jay Pelham (PODCAST)


Undoubtedly a unique product of its times, Pelham Place, with Jay Pelham, is a podcast that has taken the creative route in dealing with the recent pandemic and the impact of social distancing.

Emerging with a surprisingly professional, immediately likable, TV-style format and set-up, the podcast proves quickly impressive. Though only six episodes in at present, Pelham has managed to bag an array of captivating interviews with some fascinating creatives in the fields of music, TV and film. While the show describes itself as a way to connect with friends and acquaintances during these difficult times, it actually proves to be a deeply engaging, interesting go-to for listeners who simply have an interest in the above fields; and in story-telling and scene-setting from successful individuals in general.

Jack Miele features on a recent pair of episodes, the session seeing him take the floor to dig deep into his history and the timeline that led to where he is today. The award-winning music producer, engineer and musician, opens up about both his work with renowned bands and his time spent on world-famous shows like American Horror Story and American Idol. While there’s a fair bit of name-dropping, there’s also a decent amount of insight as to how things progress in a career like Jack’s, so the whole thing proves interesting not just to film and music fans, but to those building a new career or business in art and entertainment, who want a little inspiration or advice as to what steps to take next.

Despite the struggles of recent months, there have defiantly been more than a few good things to emerge out of the darkness, which we wouldn’t have stumbled upon otherwise – this podcast being a fine example. Hopefully Jay keeps this going in the future. Great interviews, great content, produced and presented in a professional, enjoyable way.

Pelham Place is currently seeking new guests – they’re on the look-out for musicians, songwriters, filmmakers, and anyone with a unique, motivational story to tell. Get in touch below.

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