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Parenting Aaah! (PODCAST)


Offering a refreshingly authentic look at modern parenting and everything it means to raise a family, Rebecca Wobecca hosts the uniquely honest and open new podcast Parenting Aaah!

Leading with an immediately likable and fun level of energy, these thirty-minute episodes are quick to connect, and promise to lighten the weight of parenting and remind listeners that raising children is a whole lot of fun, rewarding, a treasured time in our lives; rather than simply exhausting.

From potty training to teenage tech to quarantine and working your way out of a rut, the podcast offers a plethora of parenting topics and a multitude of beneficial information that’s likely to leave even the most tired mums and dads feeling a little more at ease. The host leads with genuine experience – she’s been there, she’s there currently, and she doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to the true ups and downs of parenting.

A natural host by all accounts, Rebecca’s story-telling is quickly engaging, seeing her deliver events and experiences from raising three children, all currently under 12 years old, and doing so in a clearly compassionate yet occasionally comedic manner – which makes it incredibly easy to listen through.

Parenting is hard work – there’s no two ways about it – but it’s also one of the best and most important things you’re likely to experience in life. Podcasts like this, done at such a professional level yet still in such an open and honest way, help really keep your mind on what matters – and remind you that you’re far from alone on this journey.

Well worth exploring – a pleasure to listen to.

Check out all episodes via Apple or any major podcast streaming platform. Find & follow Parenting Aaah! on Instagram & Twitter or visit their Website.

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