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OpenScore – A Musical Revolution


As one of many, perhaps millions of people, who have often felt overwhelmed when reading timeless musical compositions via static sheet music, or have even, quite commonly, been unable to access it at all – discovering the Kickstarter Campaign for OpenScore was exciting, to say the very least.

In the age of the internet, our digital lives have been swiftly heading away from all things static, and the classical music world in itself has been potentially on the verge of decreasing its access to everyday people. Thankfully, the ever creative and thoughtful music world preempted this possibility, and the digital revolution required to keep all things awesome, relevant, began to take shape.

There are so many different ways to learn or to teach yourself musical compositions these days, but with the influx of options there often comes an overpowering shadow of choice, of confusion, and subsequently – a lack of enthusiasm. What OpenScore are proposing is digitalising and liberating all public domain sheet music, including infamous classics from Mozart, Beethoven and Bach, and making them accessible and interactive within one comfortable, easy to navigate arena of learning. Not only will this be useful to those wanting to practice and develop their abilities, but professional choirs, orchestras and ensembles across the globe will be able to embrace and benefit from the opportunities that OpenScore creates.

The OpenScore community want to transfer history’s most influential musical works from paper to digital scores, which can be listened to, edited, and shared by all. What’s more, the entire collection, and everything included within it, will be absolutely free – to absolutely everyone, for absolutely any use required. Where do I sign?

The OpenScore digital revolution is currently in the development stages, so there’s still time to get on board with the future of the project and be a part of the crucial evolution of musical education. Head over to the OpenScore Kickstarter Campaign Page to make a pledge. With your support, the OpenScore community will bring static sheet music into the 21st century, breathing new life into reading music, and unlocking endless, exciting opportunities for all of us to learn and develop our musical abilities.

“Composers have been writing down their music for hundreds of years, leaving us with a wealth of sheet music. Unfortunately, these scores are often trapped in old manuscripts & dusty libraries. OpenScore is an ambitious project to bring music in the public domain to life, by digitizing it & making it available to everyone, for free.” – Edward Guo, founder of IMSLP, the world’s largest online archive of public domain sheet music.

Created by musicians, for musicians, OpenScore are revolutionising the way we see and utilise sheet music. Music is the universal language recognised and loved by all – OpenScore hope to reignite that connection it creates between us.

Visit the OpenScore Website for more information. Find & follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for regular updates.

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