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NoBan Stream – Copyright Free Music for Content Creators


Introducing a music streaming brand offering copyright free songs across a plethora of styles and genres. The perfect location for live streamers and content creators alike to get backing music for their latest project.

Often times we put together an idea as a visual creator, then simply need the music to enhance the experience. As we’ve seen a hundred times over, much of music is legally copyrighted, so regardless of how fitting it is for your clip there’s likely to be an issue and possible lawsuit to follow should you include it.

Enter NoBan Stream – an easy to navigate platform that lets users find the right music and mood for their show, without having to worry about red tape and usage rules.

Professionally crafted, with an ever-growing catalogue of original music, NoBan Stream takes the hassle out of enhancing the audio experience of your videos.

Whether you need background tunes for your live-stream gaming, making art, role playing or even just a live chat with your followers, NoBan Stream has you covered.

Check out NoBan Stream on Facebook & Instagram, browse their Playlists, or visit their Website.

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Stereo Stickman is an online music magazine offering the latest in underground music news, as well as a platform through which unsigned artists can reach a wider audience.

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