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New Record Label Taking The Reins : Jesus Rode a Dinosaur


“As Record Labels Go Extinct, Jesus Rode A Dinosaur Emerges”

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The truth of the record label, the ever-evolving music industry staple, now comes down to the fact that most smaller or indie labels are in fact operating under the thumb of one of three bigger labels. As is modern life – the larger corporations overwhelmed the entertainment industry, and thus the end of relevance for the indie label… Or is it?

Introducing the dawn of a new era for indie music – producer Groove Kennedy founds the fresh brand of focus on artistry over finance. Jesus Rode a Dinosaur keeps the crucial factors as creating, recording, and distributing music. No filler, no fakery, and any genre is welcome. The aim is to release ‘the best music possible, from the best musicians’. Simple!

Already featuring some unmissable artists from across the board, Jesus Rode a Dinosaur promises to keep music fresh, creative, and immersive, throughout this new chapter of the industry.

Kelsey Gang marked the label’s debut release, seeing musicians from four continents collaborate – a project that’s now being transformed into a musical.

Here is a brief look at a few of the artists on the label:

Madame Stir Krazy hails from the London borough Hackney and recorded songs before lock-down in the studio made famous by the Beatles. She also records in her one bedroom apartment in Camden. Her song, Meet the Kelsey Gang, is the first song on the compilation project, showcasing her versatile voice as both a singer and rapper. Her self-titled debut album will be the first solo album to release from the label, produced by Groove Kennedy.

Old Time Boxing is a band from Southern Indiana, who, from their own bio on Facebook, is “made up of basement musicians and backroom poets singing songs that celebrate the misfits and the lost, the ghosts in our walls, and the hope not yet forgotten. In a nutshell, they are a band, born under the Indiana sunsets, mastered around campfires, and armed with songs to burn down what was once hidden, and build something they once saw in a dream.”

Old Time Boxing is the second song on the Kelsey Gang album, and the simplistic, folk song draws largely on the lyrics of a song about a man who quite frankly resembles Michael Douglass in Falling Down. The band, a mix of rock and folk, recently did a limited edition live vinyl release in conjunction with Leesta Vail Sound Recordings. The band is currently preparing to record their debut project, produced by Groove Kennedy. Lead singer, Ryan Connors, who is featured on Kelsey Gang reading his poetry, is steadily writing new material to record. Expect the album Halloween 2021.

Ce N’est Rien is a rock band out of Austin, Texas with Indiana roots. Ce N’est Rien is French for “it’s nothing.” Groove Kennedy has stated that this group is his main focus, but a release date for the first album hasn’t been announced. Their song Funny Honey is the lead single on Kelsey Gang. The lead vocalist reminds critics of former Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain. Others including cynic Kelsey Boyd, have compared his voice to Steve Earle. The remix, featured drums by Vinay Ramakrishnan, who was in Chennai, India at the time. Ce N’est Rien is working on their next project in studios in Austin, Texas, and it will be executive produced by Groove Kennedy.

Gray Lady Ghost (also spelled Grey) is the label’s hip-hop collective. This group features Madame Stir Krazy along with another Southern Indiana musician, rapper/producer Michael Barber, and Nigerian producer, Quixotic. The Gray Lady Ghost song featured on the Kelsey Gang compilation album is titled Last Rights and was featured on the Nigerian hit TV show, Ajoche. Gray Lady Ghost is preparing to release an album at the end of the summer and hopes to get on the road promoting their collective, which includes videos shot in three different continents.

Groove Kennedy – founder, co-owner, and ‘decision-maker’ – is also currently recording his own debut solo project, Spoiled Rotten, expected for release in Spring, 2022.

“Music fans, prepare yourself for the names you have now heard, as they plan on releasing a new album each quarter for the next 3 years. Be on the lookout for the Memorial Day Release.”

Always on the prowl for new and exciting acts, get in touch with the label or submit music via their website –

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