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Nerds With Friends – PODCAST


Cody Leach and Cristian Garcia host the unapologetically fiction-focused podcast Nerds With Friends – a show that digs deep into various topics ranging from movies through video games to comic books; and everything in between.

Where the stereo-typical nerd might have previously been considered something of a loner, the gang are here to redefine what it is to be a nerd – to remind you that you’re not alone, that there are others just like you, and to welcome you on-board for an hour or so of like-minded chat and simple, fun escapism.

A recent episode – 153 : Detective Pikachu and GOT S8E5 makes for a fine starting point and a strong introduction that’s likely to leave entertainment fans keen to sift back through their catalogue of episodes to date. Nothing has united fiction fans more in recent years than the infamous books and TV show that is Game Of Thrones. Prior to this, Pokemon was perhaps just as infamous; if not more-so among certain generations. The only problem is, if you’re an avid fan of these things, you need someone to talk about them with. Enter Nerds With Friends. 

Many topics are touched upon, but in reality your main takeaway from the show is just how laid-back and open the hosts are with their interest and enthusiasm in everything discussed. As is the promise of the title, the show feels like spending time with friends – talking movies, TV, declaring writing mishaps and how things could have been. If you’re a fan of Game Of Thrones, Avengers, Pikachu, Marvel, Dragon Ball Z or cinema and gaming in general, there will easily be plenty within the Nerds With Friends podcast that will appeal. An easy backdrop to your day, or an added hit of escapism when you’re short of people to rant or rave about the latest releases with.

“A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away… There lived a man named Cody Leach. Tired of a mundane life of university studies and working as a simple salesman, he dared to dream of something more. One day he met a like minded fellow named Cristian Garcia. He too had a thirst for adventure. The two men set out on a journey that would forever change their lives, and dare I say, the world as well.” Click here for the full story.

Check out all episodes here or via Stitcher or iTunes. Find & follow Nerds With Friends on Twitter & Instagram.

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