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My Roaring 20s, with Kevin Pettit (PODCAST)


From body image to marriage, mental health, drinking, polyamory and everything in between, My Roaring 20s is an access-all-areas podcast exploring precisely what it’s like to be living out your twenties in a contemporary Western world.

Though very much in its early days, My Roaring 20s leads with a clearly professional, thoughtful and authentic demeanor. Host Kevin Pettit opens up as a host, and with that a variety of guests are welcomed to do the same. As such, every topic is tackled with a certain uninhibited sense of freedom – the truth stands tall, regarding everything from intimacy to a broader, more societal view of things. In every case, the conversation meanders down an articulate and considerate pathway, with inquisitive questions opening a plethora of doorways that bring about intriguing, captivating ideas and reflections on modern life.

A recent episode, entitled Polyamory, lays bare the foundations of the podcast and its intentions in a welcoming, insightful and interesting way. From pronouns to friendship to polyamorous relationships, open minds are encouraged, celebrated, and express themselves freely in a humble, revealing and genuine way.

Whether you’re a twenty something yourself, on the verge of being, or simply remember those days well, the podcast shines light on everything to do with 21st century life as a young adult. Designed to remove any and all stigmas, to embrace and comfort young minds, and to relieve listeners of the weight of the world in a gentle and refreshing manner. Well worth a listen.

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