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Musikka: The Best Family Friendly Festivals in Europe


While the festival world has exploded in recent years, it can occasionally be difficult to distinguish between those that are suitable for you and your family, including the little ones, and those that are more of a rowdy, all-night, full-volume kind of event; not offering much in the way of entertainment or refreshments for younger children.

The ever reliable and valuable resource that is Musikka has fortunately taken the hassle out of this for those browsing festivals to take their entire brood to this summer, by compiling a list of seven of the best family friendly festivals across Europe for 2020.

Their illustrated guide offers a brochure-like display of seven well-catered, family friendly festivals from the UK to France and Germany, recommending renowned events that make additional effort to embrace and whole-heartedly welcome all ages and groups to their summer gatherings.

Laying out the musical line-up, images and videos from previous festivals, as well as ticket links, this easy-to-navigate guide is a must if you want this year’s family break to be something truly special. Get browsing, and enjoy!

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