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TROY Wicked World


TROY’s song Wicked World is a classic example of an American Rock hit. Starting slow with an acoustic strum and slide behind a gruff whisper, Wicked World sounds almost to have been sung over a campfire lit beside a motorcycle somewhere in Death Valley. Slow, steady, pointed verses lead their way into a crashing and confident chorus, where the true power of TROY is seen.

Short for The Reality Of Yourself, everything about TROY is more than meets than eye (or ear). With the ability to slip meaningful and poignant lyrics into songs that are catchy enough to sing along to, TROY may just un-brainwash anyone who happens to hear Wicked World.

A four-piece band that packs the same punch as acts with twice as many members, TROY bleeds out a little Metallica and a hint of Avenged Sevenfold in their new single – all with a sound and power that’s distinctly their own.

Speaking to the evil of things people are afraid to share and afraid to know, Wicked World is a single that forms the backbone of every hard rock/metal fan’s creed: bring the darkness to light. A song that would be at home in a myriad of fans shoving, surfing, and moshing their way to the stage Wicked World refrains in all the right places and punches forward in all the best. From the kid in the basement trying to get the fingering just right on his new B.C. Rich, to the hardened metal-head listening in for the thousandth time to feel that first drop of weight when the chorus kicks in: Wicked World is bound to be the track kept on repeat for the better part of the summer, and kept at the top of the playlist for good.

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