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Silver Citizen Cut You Off


Cut You Off is the hard-hitting new single from Australian rock trio Silver Citizen. As hard as it is melodic, Cut You Off cuts the perfect balance between heavy and harmonic.

Packing more of a punch than bands with twice the members, Silver Citizen goes hard in the proverbial paint. Everything Silver Citizen has to offer is the epitome of the form for the genre. Heavy riffs, cutting breakaways, double kick bass drums, finger and slap style bass, and a vocal timbre that seethes alternative. The influence of bands like Foo Fighters and Muse is noticeable, but Silver Citizen has taken those roots and presented something entirely their own, and entirely worth hearing for yourself.

Cut You Off, in many ways, calls to mind the last thirty years of rock. Silver Citizen’s Andy Kellie boasts a technical bass – heavy in the late nineties, when Flea reigned king. Cut You Off, and Silver Citizen in general, also take credit for the soaring performance from Jimmy Wenham – with vocals somewhere between Dave Grohl and Aaron Lewis and guitar chops reminiscent of NuMetal gods like Daron Malakian and Tom Morello. True to his name, “Double Kick Dave” Hensler helms the skins with an heir of technical transcendentalism.

A perfect single, and an even more perfect band for any rock mix, Silver Citizen is sure to please anyone who enjoys the sound of music still played by real musicians with real instruments and actual talent. With a sound that screams “You have to see this live”, Silver Citizen is one of the few bands worth dusting off a passport to go see. Until then though, the video for Cut You Off will have to suffice. Being the first song written as a band, the promise is heavy for everything to come from the guys at Silver Citizen.

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