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Russell Greer I Don’t Get You (Feat. Robby Johnson)


Songwriter Russell Greer has crafted and released a song that directly addresses his experiences with supposedly being rejected by Taylor Swift and her team. Following this, he suffered the negative impact of a hate site being set up to make things all the more difficult. Lyrically, I Don’t Get You tackles this issue and this underlying story in an open and undeniable way. The backstory is a small part of what you take away from the song though, and actually, the name drop and the details appeal for their own intrigue and angst – all of which kicks in effectively thanks to what is a genuinely catchy and entertaining release.

I Don’t Get You builds up well and leads with a fine melodic development towards what is a quickly recognisable and effective hook. Robby Johnson’s feature on the song gives it a slightly punk-pop-like aura, which works well to take the song away from simple pop and over into more alternative territory. Though the instrumentation is decidedly retro, the vocal helps drive the song through above this, and in terms of the chord progressions and the riffs, the way the track builds up – everything has been well produced so as to reinforce the underlying passion and turmoil at the song’s core.

I Don’t Get You is a notably catchy tune, one that intrigues well and begs for you to listen at least once or twice more after that initial introduction. The story relates to one of the world’s most well-known pop artists, so the name and the details within are likely to appeal to a fair few listeners – the strong melody draws you over, the story-line holds you captive once you’re there.

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6 responses to “Russell Greer – I Don’t Get You (Feat. Robby Johnson)

  1. You know this guy’s a stalker right? He wasn’t rejected by Taylor Swift because she never knew he existed, he sent her agents a song and they told him her contract stipulates she cannot accept unsolicited material. Then he sued her. Whilst suing her he continued sending her family letters then was shocked when her lawyer told the judge her family felt uncomfortable. At no point did he have any contact with Taylor herself. How much did he pay you to write this?

  2. I, too, would like to know how much you were paid by an internet stalker to feed his narcissistic stimuli.

  3. This dude is a creepy sex obsessed pest that wants women arrested if they don’t agree to date him and have sex with him. He tries to sue women that don’t pay attention to him. He’s been banned from brothels because of his behavior; outs sex workers, claiming they have AIDS, been fired from jobs over his Taylor Swift obsession. She doesn’t even know he exists. He’s a pathetic little man that uses his disability to try and get his way. It’s not your disability that turns women and everyone off Russ, it’s your entitled, creepy attitude.

  4. This is the best video since “Video Killed the Radio Star” and goes perfectly with this Spedpop song!

  5. This guy has filed two lawsuits against Taylor Swift, one against Ariana Grande and either did or was going to against the state of Utah to allow him to open a brothel. He can’t get sex on his own so he pays women for it and harasses them after. He’s creepy and has serious issues. He wrote a book about his Taylor Swift experience and it’s terrible outside of the laughter one will get.

    All this hopefully will do is make more people aware to laugh at him even more than before.

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