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Whereas rock and pop music have always been considered staples of this ever-changing music industry we so constantly lose ourselves in, lately, EDM, otherwise known as electronic dance music, has had a considerable resurgence in recent months, with even established alt-rock bands such as Thirty Seconds To Mars using EDM-style influences on their new album.

A little closer to home, Project North, having already connected with several key players in the industry as they’ve grown into the artists they are today, are perhaps paving the way for the new EDM movement, with releases such as their latest single Think Twice.

While its introduction and opening verse start things off slowly, with more of an R&B rhythm than anything else, gradually, as the tempo picks up, so does the addictiveness to the track, helped greatly by a thumping beat that will have listeners stamping their feet along to it in clubs across the continent or see them trying to resist jamming along while on a summer’s day drive.

It isn’t the most lyrically straight forward song, especially for those unfamiliar with the genre, but the words fit well with the instrumentation and the mix of dance and hip-hop rhythms ensures this – meaning the lyrical side of things isn’t so much of a problem – ultimately the music metaphorically speaks for itself, and for Think Twice in general. Fans of EDM are sure to love this track while it also works as a rather good introduction to those just discovering it. If the EDM scene continues to grow as it is doing so right now, then big things could well be ahead for Project North.

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