The sound is sublime, the playing is clever, intricate yet not overly flashy & far from noisy. The lyrics tell a story of love in some new, unexpected way, and this is the final piece of the puzzle.


This is something really special, particularly for hip hop or conscious rap fans. The music has the delicacy of carefully crafted, creative trip-hop, and Bluff as a performer & rapper works hard to paint a clear picture for you, and to open your mind.


The structure of the song is unexpected, which makes it appear as quite fresh, and this is definitely one of the best vocal performances so far from PMKS, in my opinion. At over five minutes long the creative drive has been met here with a distinct awareness of how to craft a song.

GrungePunk RockRock

Toots has a certain sound and style that makes the track feel believable, it demands that you listen – this confidence & flow pulls you in, and once you’re involved, every lyric works hard to keep you there.


Marino’s creativity needs no helping hand, his desire to craft musical experiences far outweighs a simple ability to perform. The instrumentation is unexpected, free from the prison of genre or industry labels – just the sort of thing this type of music was intended to represent. 

Latin Jazz

The past has the power to calm us, and creativity, new artistic ideas, have the power to motivate. It’s entirely up to you what you take away from this music, but it’s undoubtedly the sort that will be right at home in the long term playlist.


This meeting of various genres & styles makes for something loaded with fresh identity right now. And on top of this, you get the concept of the song – the lyrics, the bare poetry of it, the reflective honesty that digs at some of the deepest human emotions & thoughts.

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