The music is completely refreshing, familiar yet original in essence, loyal to the art that inspired it yet also indicative of a brand new sound. The only thing missing is to witness it all unfolding before you in real time.


The song actually comes through as accessible to any number of audiences – not limited to the specific struggle that created it. The ambiance offers a classic rock vibe with a contrastingly delicate leading vocal part. These work well together in this setting.


Suggesting or hinting at the concept of freedom within art or music is very different to entirely encapsulating it. ‘Free’ is the absolute perfect example of a song embracing entirely the concept at its core & successfully passing that feeling on to its audience. 


There’s a lot of space on this record, the vibe is light & atmospheric – laying bare certain ideas & really keeping your focus on the thoughts within, as well as allowing you that room & that time to consider & understand it all.


Fernweher as a songwriter takes on the essence of both poetry & musical creativity to paint these thoughtful soundscapes that surround you in a fairly dreamlike, hypnotic aura. The artist makes certain you know the concept, that this key idea is familiar & recognisable.


The time it’s taken to complete this album makes so much sense once you find yourself lost in the midst of it. Seventeen tracks make for a classic hip hop project that will last you as long as you need it to.


Flawlessly combining the retro vibes of the 80s with the absolute ear-wormery of modern pop, Perfect Chair is a track you only need to hear once for it to leave its mark. A huge song, immediately satisfying & enjoyable from start to finish.