Squid Cult craft their releases creatively, artistically, so the result is this unique song, with an intriguing concept – one that reaches out for your heartstrings, your soul, yet does so among a notably upbeat, uplifting soundscape.

Indie-PopSoft Rock

Thoughtful words summon everyone to rise up from the depths of possessive & negative emotion, bolstering the idea that humans can indeed master their wild lions of passion. One can decide to swim in the dark & blame others for their emotional anguish, or Rise Up.


Jonathan Burkett has put the time & effort into this to make it something worthwhile. It’s a project that speaks from the heart, but that also seeks to embrace & entertain its audience in the way that great music should. 


Suburban Wildlife is a project that won my affection within just a few seconds. The crisp, warming sound of an acoustic guitar, a smooth & genuine leading voice, a comforting melody & a series of lyrics that offer both imagery & human reflection – what’s not to like? 

AmericanaRockSoft Rock

It’s always commendable when artists put in the consistent effort & attentiveness to complete a full length project like this. There’s so much more to relate to & to get lost within on an album, as opposed to a shorter EP or single.


In among the excitement & chaos of this track are one or two magnetic lyrics that refocus you quite instantly as they explode into the room. RGF have a classic, carefree, passionate punk-rock sound that feels totally nostalgic right now. 

Punk RockRock