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LyOsun Faith


Faith by LyOsun is a deep, grooving, soulful blues track that is well written and perfectly executed. A one-man band pulling off an intimate soft-rock setting through the manipulation of loops and talented multi-instrumental work – LyOsun has a unique and beautiful sound. With a smoky and deliberate voice beautifully harmonized with itself through choruses and almost tribal vocal percussion samples, Faith is a mesmerizing, uplifting track.

“No Matter what it takes / I’d rather be falling apart / Than going back to the start” he sings, soaring over a hypnotic beat; with a suggestion that “Faith needs a song”. It’s a song that has everything: A grooving bass track, a tribal drum, beautifully constructed lyrics, an impeccable vocal performance, and a guitar solo that approaches the feeling of an old Jonny Lang hit.

Finding an unparalleled home between unmistakably melancholy and yet uplifting in its wake, Faith is the soundtrack to every grey day and rainy road-trip through the countryside. It’s a breath of fresh air, but still aware of its roots. In other words: a perfected form – beautifully recorded and incredibly well mastered.

Hailing from Geneva, LyOsun is the perfect artist for anyone looking for something between Coldplay and John Mayer, but also something entirely fresh; entirely its own. It’s hard to categorize the multi-instrumental tour de force outfit that LyOsun is into anything, as the promise of what’s next is always as exciting as what’s already offered. With a music video as deep and mysterious as the single itself, everything that’s perfect about Faith is brought to life beautifully.

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