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Kilo M.O.E Rambo


Having spent the last several years steadily working his way up in the music world, particularly in the United States, the latest track from Kilo M.O.E. entitled Rambo is perhaps the New Jersey born artist at his best.

With a video shot in bright US sunshine, the piece, coming in at a little over 3 minutes in length, reflects its accompanying visual, in the sense that it’s a fairly uptempo, albeit off key and rhythm in places, toe-tapping track where the instrumentation and musicianship considerably outshine the vocal – but that’s not too much of a bad thing.

On the contrary, as both sides of the Atlantic bask in unseasonably warm temperatures, the upbeat rhythm is, if there’s any to be had, a good accompaniment to the summer, and also the highlight of the track itself, especially in parts where it comes across like the vocal is being more spoken than sung – anyone looking for a sing-along number should look elsewhere, though those in search of an independent rap anthem of sorts might feel more closely connected to this – even energized by it; the beat is thick and leans in a somewhat motivational direction, which suits the volume and weight of the leading vocal delivery at every step.

The urban style track won’t necessarily be to everyone’s taste, as is the underground way, but fans of the genre, and of Kilo himself, are sure to be impressed by this latest offering. The accompanying video fits well as a further statement as to what the artist is all about – his intentions and what he represents.

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31 year old music journalist, feature writer & editor based in the UK

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