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Kalyna Rakel Who Knew


Love is one of the most peculiar things in life, and it often times finds us when we least expect it. Kalyna Rakel’s newest single Who Knew is about just that. It’s about the trials and tribulations we’ll go through to try to create love with the wrong person, and how the right person can come along, seemingly out of nowhere, to completely shatter our expectations.

Who Knew is an infectious pop song at heart with an undeniable blues soul coursing through its veins. Rakel’s voice is the star of this song, and for good reason; it’s absolutely mesmerizing. She sings in a way that feels so raw and natural and that is entirely unique to her. With every note she sings, the listener gets a feeling of unbridled authenticity that can’t be found elsewhere. That feeling of authenticity only grows when it’s paired with what feels like a personal story about her love life. All of this helps Who Knew connect with the listener in ways that other pop songs can only dream of.

Although Rakel is the highlight of the song, the music that backs her is fueled by an undeniable charm that lifts and grows in all of the right places, perfectly accentuating her voice and her story. A bass-line that grooves unapologetically, and horns that sound as sweet and sultry as Rakel’s voice really help propel this song to a new height and give it that added dimension of blues and R&B.

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Who Knew as much as I did, but it’s a fantastic song. It’s real without ever alienating listeners; something I haven’t felt since Lily Allen. Kalyna Rakel has made a classic pop/love song that feels as current as it does timeless, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she became a household name very soon.

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