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Dobie Without You (Instrumental Guitar Mix)


When listeners come to expect a certain sound from a musician only to have that expectation completely shattered, a certain mix of optimistic hesitance and blissful nostalgia washes over them. It’s a unique feeling that’s as divisive to some as it is welcoming to others, and no other track I’ve heard in recent years achieves this feeling quite like Dobie’s latest release, Without You.

Here at Stereo Stickman we’re quite familiar with (and fond of) Dobie’s EDM work. In fact, the always amazing Alyssa Sanders actually got the chance to review the electronica version of Without You a few weeks ago, calling it ‘a soundscape…that functions like a story written in languages of notes and rhythm.’ This, however, is far from the same song.

Versatility is the sign of a truly great artist, and this version of Without You is the perfect example of why that is. This track takes basically everything we’ve known about Dobie and turns it on its head, and I’ve never been more interested in him as an artist.

Without You is an entirely acoustic track devoid of beats, synths, drops, or anything electronic at all, and it’s hauntingly beautiful. The entire song is essentially just two acoustic guitars playing a slowed down rhythm and melody of the EDM version of Without You. Interestingly enough this acoustic version of an EDM song works so incredibly well simply because it gives the listener such a different feeling from the original. It stands as a true testament to Dobie’s artistry.

If music is a universal language, then Without You speaks volumes – despite a single word never being said. The amount of raw emotion that is conveyed from even the simplest of compositions is nothing short of astonishing. Dobie has exhibited a great deal of tactful finesse in making this version of Without You, and the final product is one that although may be inspired by the original song, feels completely authentic.

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