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Dino Vedo Vices


Europe’s own Dino Vedo has taken the US by storm with his unique brand of contemporary pop and hip hop.

Currently based out of Miami, Florida, Dino has amassed tens of thousands of followers and streams of singles like the good-vibes anthem Would You Relax, and the riff-led, melodically infectious Say No.

Having made headlines across the board, the Dino Vedo name is rising fast, thanks to a fine fusion of colourful production, emotively focused vocals, catchy hooks and lyrical honesty.

Dino’s album Vices proved particularly impactful, and secured his role as an inspiring artist with a clear identity unique to his own journey. His instantly memorable single 25 Thousand reached millions of listeners, and in the process captured the attention of a plethora of high-profile rappers seeking to collaborate. Along the way, XXXTenacion and Drake have been among those to work in unison with Dino, and the future looks set to keep things growing stronger still.

Music is about both style and personal expression for Dino, and his hopes for humanity moving forward run in unison with his unwavering passion for the art-form. His goal is to build a community and charity for aspiring musicians to gain exposure and resources to flourish within the scene.

Check out Dino Vedo via Instagram & Spotify.

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